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French Silk Pie

Somehow I have omitted my signature recipe from my blog. It is online, but not linked, except from Google+, and that’s a serious oversight. So, here is a link to my French Silk Pie recipe. Warning: this contains raw eggs. I always use fresh organic eggs. Also, this is really easy with a stand mixer. […]

Southwest Potatoes with cheddar, corn, and patience

I made Mark Bittman’s Southwest Potatoes from September 7th’s New York Times. Excellent! The recipe includes corn kernels, which you brown with chilis in oil, potatoes, which you cube and cook in oil, and then you add them together, along with some black beans and chili powder, and top with cheese. I’ll be making this […]

I modified a recipe

I was in the mood for an old recipe I got from my Dad, a zucchini frittata with cream cheese, zucchini, and other miscellaneous vegetable plus soft bread cubes in a custard. But it wanted a cup of black olives and I’m rather off olives these days… So I decide that pancetta would be a […]

I made the cauliflower and caramelized onion tart from smitten kitchen

There was this recipe recently on Smitten Kitchen for a cauliflower and caramelized onion tart, which I made last night. It was wonderful! It’s actually a cross between a tart and a quiche, because it has a custard filling. Very yummy. It made leftovers.

Multicultural stir-fry

So I’m at home with some sort of sore throat and runny nose, and I wanted some good food to both fill me up and to ease my sinuses. I made Kathryn’s multicultural stir-fry. This time it was British-American-Asian. I started out British by chopping a turnip into 1cm cubes and sweating them in a […]