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Colouring Calacas

So there’s this thing on Google+ going around, where Carolyn Curtis has been drawing Calaca skulls from the Mexican Day of the Dead from people’s profile pictures or other photo. Carolyn is doing black and white drawings. I’ve coloured a couple of them for people. Here’s one of my friend Mz Maau.

A Year of Blue Hair

And purple and green… I can’t imagine going back.

I Still Have Blue Hair

It’s six months now and my hair is still multicolored, with the dominant color being blue, but with green and purple showing.

My Third Kindle

My Kindle PaperWhite arrived today. I wasn’t expecting it until Wednesday. So far, it’s nice, but it’ll take a bit adjusting to a touch screen interface. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to get rid of buttons. I’m curious how the lighting will work in a dark room.

Female Musicians in History

My friend Gwyneth has a good article about female musicians in history, with some nice photos of women musicians from the Ren Fest.

The Barefoot Gardener

Sandra, a friend of mine, has a nice post about autumn on her blog:

Blue Hair

As you can see by my profile picture, I decided to color my entire head blue, with some purple and green here and there. It’s been a month, and I’m really enjoying it. It is fading somewhat, but still very bright. There is a certain amount of regrowth, and I’ll be bleaching my roots and […]

Another status update

H&H Color Lab offered me a position in December, so I’ve been an employee rather than a contractor since then. I’ve been awfully busy working on their desktop apps. But we did get a Sea Glass Look and Feel release out in our copious free time. We are now at version 0.2. Since I can’t […]

Status Update

Since June, I’ve been working at H&H Color Lab, which processes color photos from professional photographers and produces high-end products such as wedding albums, greeting/anniversary/graduation cards, canvas gallery wraps (made by dye sublimation of an image onto canvas and wrapped around a wood frame), and much more. They also can handle normal photo prints. I’m […]

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say…

But I’ve been busy with work.