I’m a computer programmer, not an artist, but I used to like to play around a bit with graphics programs. It truly amazes me how little talent one needs to make cool images with computers.

I actually haven’t done much in the past several years. My life has moved in other directions and I don’t have any inspiration for art.

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69K bytes

A Space City
My one and only science fiction image. I created this with Bryce. It was inspired by a number of things: partly by some images I’ve seen over the years (including some done in Bryce) and partly by James Blish’s Cities in Flight, a science fiction series of four novels about migratory cities wandering the galaxy in search of work; “Okie” cities, as they say.

68K bytes

Soap Bubbles in the Moonlight
A friend of mine had a croning ritual and several of us blew soap bubbles in the night. They looked quite eldritch. I decided to see if I could get that effect. This will do . . .

55K bytes

Thunder Moon
I was thinking about doing thirteen images of different full moons for a calendar. Inspiration and perspication did not extend that far, but this one fell out. I could rant for some time about the differences in light models in Bryce 2 between the Macs and Windows versions which would have made this a cinch on a Mac, but a real pain on Windows. But I’ll spare you. I think it turned out okay, nevertheless. (And I should have used a larger mesh for the terrain close to the camera. I’m still learning that lesson.)

67K bytes

Harvest Moon
My other full moon image. I originally did this as an Oz Notes cover for the Mabon 1996 issue. I used trueSpace2, and did major touchups in Photoshop. It’s 124K bytes.

This version is done in Bryce, with better antlers on the Herne figure. I’m considering redoing it again to make the fruit look more tomato sized, and to make the cans look more like cans of tomato sauce and less like cola cans. And I could position her hands better and give her a better face texture. We’ll see if I actually do it. There has to be a limit to how many times I can revisit the same picture.

90K bytes

Pwyll and Rhiannon
A scene from my favorite mythos. This is from the first branch of the Mabinogi, called Pwyll. Rhiannon just ambles along, but no matter how fast Pwyll forces his horse, he cannot overtake her, until he calls to her to stop.

I used Bryce for almost all of this. The clothing on Pwyll is from the casual male figure in Poser 2. The clothing on Rhiannon is mostly cylinders and cones. The horses came from a collection of 3D models by Acuris.

I made an earlier image, sans horses, as an Oz Notes cover for the Mabon 1997 issue. It’s 70K bytes.

37K bytes

Portal to the Summerlands
A friend of mine who was a Druid passed over in January of 1998. Druids believe that when you die, your soul goes to the summerlands where you rest and party with friends from past lives. Then, when you are ready, you are reborn into our world. His death brought to mind a line drawing in Caitlín Matthews’ Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain, which I fleshed out and rendered.

This was done in Bryce 2 and Photoshop 4. The summerland scene is a view of the trees in the Gaia image looking from near Gaia’s head. I composited the images in Photoshop.

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A Study In Henges
Here are several images I’ve done around a central henge image. Or possibly around a central priestess image.

10 images

Oz Notes Covers
The Oz Notes was the newsletter for the Web of Oz, a Pagan/Wiccan group in the Lawrence, Kansas area. I did a number of covers for its newsletter. Here are the ones I’m willing to show.

5 images

The Four Elements
I’ve been working on images for each of the four traditional elements. I did two of Fire since I wanted one to put on a calendar and I wasn’t comfortable with the thought of hanging the first one in my office at work.

4 images

Freely Available Images
Here are some images I’ve done that are freely available for use on other people’s web pages. (This page actually links to the Web of Oz site.)

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