Who is Kathryn Huxtable?

I am a software developer. I spent 23 years of my career at The University of Kansas. I left KU in mid-2007 to pursue my own interests and I’ve worked a number of jobs since then. I’ve been working in computing since the early 1980s so I’ve seen a lot of changes, both in computing at KU and also in the rest of the world.

This site is currently hosting both kathrynhuxtable.org and kathrynhuxtable.com with exactly the same content. I figured that at some point I might want to start up a consulting business. I wanted the .com domain for that purpose, still unrealized, and the .org domain for my own personal purposes.

I comment about UI design, coding standards, bad package design, politics, and philosophy, among other things.

I’ll keep the politics separate from the rest of the posts.

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