Multicultural stir-fry

So I’m at home with some sort of sore throat and runny nose, and I wanted some good food to both fill me up and to ease my sinuses.

I made Kathryn’s multicultural stir-fry. This time it was British-American-Asian.

I started out British by chopping a turnip into 1cm cubes and sweating them in a small pat of butter mixed with rather more olive oil, some salt, and some thyme. (Butter and turnips go well together.)

When the turnips were getting tender I added some minced shallots and pressed garlic and let it just begin to release their aromas, I added some leftover brown rice, turned the heat up, and began to stir fry the rice in the residual oil.

After a few minutes I went all asian and drizzled some Thai chili-garlic sauce over it and stirred it through. Then I cleared a spot in the center of my skillet and cracked an egg into it and pan-scrambled it. When the egg was not quite set, I stirred it into the rest of the mixture and let it finish.

I transferred the mixture to my plate and topped it with some grated cheddar cheese. (Cheddar and turnips go very well together.)

It was great, although very non-traditional in any culture’s cuisine. I mean, cheese in asian food? Stir-fry in British? In any case, it was American because I’m American.

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  1. i love to eat asian foods because they are tasty and spicy.~:`

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