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New Robot picture

I’ve got a picture now with the Ping))) ultrasonic rangefinder installed. I also added some collision switches in front of the wheels. Here’s a link (finally) to my project files.

New robot pictures

Here are some new robot pictures. I have a much better mount for the sensors now and they are working as well as they can. Unfortunately, I don’t think passive infrared motion sensors will work for what I want. They’re too erratic for use on a robot. They’d be fine for a stationary unit that […]

My cat-chasing robot now has sensors

I now have sensors. They’re a bit lopsided, but they function. It’s worse that they’re a bit off-center. My code needs work. It tends to find a cat (or me) and then move forwards a bit, then start spinning. And here’s a movie. Click the image to play it.

My cat-chasing robot

This is very early. The robot doesn’t yet have any sensors. It has two front wheels and a caster in the center back. My plan is to put some thermal motion detectors on it and go towards the motion. At the moment it just goes in squares. Forwards for a second and a half, then […]