I modified a recipe

I was in the mood for an old recipe I got from my Dad, a zucchini frittata with cream cheese, zucchini, and other miscellaneous vegetable plus soft bread cubes in a custard. But it wanted a cup of black olives and I’m rather off olives these days…

So I decide that pancetta would be a good change. cube and render it and press out as much grease as possible, reserving just a bit in lieu of the vegetable oil that the veggies would normally be sauteed in. Then proceed as with the old recipe.

It was great! I’ll make it again!

(I’m eating the last of it as leftovers. It’s better than the first day.)

Here is the recipe for what I made. The original recipe used 1 cup of sliced black olives instead of the pancetta and sauteed them with the other veggies in 2 teaspoons of olive oil.

The web page with the recipe is printable. The print margins are larger than the on-screen margins.


  1. I’d love to have the recipe! Can you post it ?

  2. It’s on FB as a new link. Click the “Read entire article”, or the “I modified a recipe” link on the new updated post above this one.

    BTW, I’m working on a recipe database program. It’ll run on Mac, Windows, and Linux and the recipe above was created using it.

  3. Yeah, Jason, I know. Subbing pancetta for black olives was a leap. But when I thought of it, I knew it would work.

  4. FYI: after you render the pancetta, keep the fat for saute and lose the olive oil. The reason: olive oil has a very low smoking point; pork fat a much higher smoking point. Olive oil was NEVER intended for saute. It is best if you use just a few drops from roundness of flavor at the very end, just before you serve the dish. ;)

  5. Thansk, she said, typoing in Danish. ;-)

    There was rather more fat than I needed for sauteing, so I did what you said. I didn’t feel the need for any olive oil at all.

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