Southwest Potatoes with cheddar, corn, and patience

I made Mark Bittman’s Southwest Potatoes from September 7th’s New York Times. Excellent! The recipe includes corn kernels, which you brown with chilis in oil, potatoes, which you cube and cook in oil, and then you add them together, along with some black beans and chili powder, and top with cheese.

I’ll be making this again, but I think I’ll use less oil, cut the potatoes just slightly smaller, and add a bit more cheese!


  1. Note to vegan friends: the only non-vegan item in this is the cheese, which could easily be substituted with a soy cheddar if you must.

  2. I made this again, this time with the changes I mentioned. It was great! (I had bought two pounds of russian fingerlings and made half the recipe each time, so I had enough beans remaining and potatoes remaining for another half recipe.)

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