New Robot picture

I’ve got a picture now with the Ping))) ultrasonic rangefinder installed. I also added some collision switches in front of the wheels.

Here’s a link (finally) to my project files.


  1. That’s way cool, but does it yet actually chase cats, or just confuse them?

  2. Just confuses them. At the moment it goes in a straight line (more or less) until it senses a wall within a foot of it. It then turns until it no longer detects the wall.

    One of my cats hissed at it. The other just waits until it gets close and then walks around it and watches it pass.

  3. Well, even if it never chases cats, you know that you have at least created a new cat confusing device. Who knows? This just might revolutionize the entire cat-confusing industry.

  4. Yeah, but it’s no different than lots of toys on the market at this point. Anyway, its batteries are dead. I need to get some rechargeables in there. I’m not going to waste more non-rechargeables on this…

  5. Yea. You really need to find something that will confuse cats in an entirely new way.

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