Another Sea Glass example (tables)

I’ve been working with Laffy, SwingSet3, and some of my own code to check how we’re doing with the Sea Glass L&F. Here’s an example of Laffy’s tables:


Should the striping continue across the checkboxes? Nimbus doesn’t do that, but it is probably possible to do.



  1. The missing checkbox background striping is a bug and has been filed with Sun. Unfortunatly they see it as a minor issue. I added a work-around to the bug entry. One basically has to implement a new boolean renderer. I guess for now you can simply ignore that.


  2. Okay, I’ve got the striping working. I’m using mostly Ken’s concepts but some code inspired by Quaqua. My code will stripe a table if it’s not in a scrollpane, but seriously, aren’t all tables in scrollpanes? ;-)

  3. Oucit says:

    full striping please.

    It looks very insteresting, i am impatient !!!

    Regards from Spain

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