Obama Hatred

I don’t really get it. The man is pretty moderate, especially when compared with European or Canadian politics. Or anywhere, really, that’s not a fascist state.

Yet there are people out there who think he’s a marxist, a socialist, and even a usurper. (Do these people understand about elections?)

Okay, I didn’t like George W. Bush. In fact, I hated everything that he stood for, and I felt like the 2000 election was decided in a questionable fashion. But once he was inaugurated, he was the President and I respected that.

However, as I said, I hated his policies, and some of them were, I believe, illegal. I’m thinking of the detention of Americans such as Jose Padilla, the torturing of prisoners, and invading Iraq on trumped up charges. Okay, that last wasn’t illegal under US law, but it might be under international law.

What do these people think Obama has already done that they want him impeached?

I don’t get it. Is it just because he’s black? Or a Democrat?

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