docbkx-wrapper-plugin The Docbkx Wrapper Plugin is a wrapper around the docbkx-maven-plugin and the htmlfilter-site-maven-plugin. It is intended to simplify their use by factoring out common elements.
eclipse-cocoa-set-represented-filename A Mac OS X Cocoa Eclipse 3.5/3.6 plugin to set the Mac represented document in the window so that, among other things, DTerm works.
green-site-skin Produce Maven site documentation that looks much like this blog, except that the navigation menu is on the left.
htmlfilter-site-maven-plugin Filter HTML files destined for Maven site documentation without using Doxia. I wrote this to make the output of DocBkx look more like Doxia-generated output and fit better with the Doxia-generated site.
image-generator-maven-plugin Generate image files from Java Swing components based on descriptions in an XML file. This is useful in documenting a look and feel, or a custom component.
ShibShimFilter A simple Java servlet filter to act as gatekeeper, protecting pages using Shibboleth.
ShibShimServer A simple servlet protected by Shibboleth acting as a “gateway” to Shibboleth for pages using the Shibboleth Shim Filter.
ShibShimUtil Common classes for the Shibboleth Shim Filter and Server. Included in the binary downloads for each package.
SeaGlassLookAndFeel Developed in conjunction with Ken Orr.

A Java cross-platform look and feel for JRE 1.5 and later. This is developed from Synth, and is based on forms seen in sea glass, that is, bits of glass washed up on the shore by the sea.

tracking-robot An Arduino-based object tracking robot.
wagon-gitsite Maven wagon provider to deploy site documentation to the Pages system on GitHub.


  1. H0nkEr says:

    Hello, I am a Chinese user.

    Very much like you do lookandfeel but do not support the Chinese, unfortunately.

    I hope you can let him support the Chinese

  2. Paul Austin says:

    I was wondering if for the wagon-gsite plugin you could change the commit process so it would do a commit –all instead of committing each file individually?

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