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Phil Plait has a new post on his Bad Astronomy blog, referencing an article on Chandra Wickramasinghe’s claims that NASA is hiding evidence of life on Mars. It’s a good comment. There’s no good evidence for NASA hiding life, and Wickramasinghe has a tendency to cry wolf.

Monterey Seafood Watch

I’ve talked about this before, but not here. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a well respected Seafood Watch program, giving advice on what seafood is harvested sustainably. This came to mind because I noticed that Orange Roughy was on the menu at a local seafood place. No one should eat Orange Roughy. There’s no way […]

Civilization V

So Civilization V was released on Tuesday. I played most of a game on Tuesday without reading any documentation. It was pretty fun, but I wasn’t going to win it. Before starting another game, I’m reading other peoples’ experiences on Civ Fanatics and found Lemmy101′s experience highly amusing. This is a very different experience than […]

Eugene Robinson justifies the WaPo op-ed page

Eugene Robinson is one of the few good op-ed writers at the Washington Post. (I’m talking about the print edition. Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent are good on the blogs.) He hits it out of the park today with his Obama needs to stand up to ‘reverse racism’ ploy article. He and Rachel Maddow talked […]

Trying to sync to facebook again

We’ll see if this works.

Worst song in the world

I have a friend who believes that “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is the worst song in the world. I don’t agree. It’s just boring, sort of like anything by Air Supply or Bread. (If I never hear “Diary” again it’ll be too soon.) Denise thinks that maybe “Escape” (the PiƱa Colada Song) is the worst song […]

Okay, who ordered more snow?

The snow from a week ago had just about cleared off. Now we’re getting very large clusters of flakes coming down heavy and falling quickly. The streets and grounds are getting that white sheen again. I thought we were through with this…

Weather in Kansas

The snow we got Christmas Evening is finally beginning to melt. I can see grass in my back yard. My front yard (north side, sloping downhill) is still covered. Kittie TV is back on, and my two cats are excited. They’ve been bored not having the bird channel on in the back yard. I see […]

Snow seen from my windows

We had snow last night. It’s not the first snow of the year, that was a few weeks ago, but the first snow was gone in a few hours. This is sticking around. Here are a few pictures from outside my front and back windows.

Civilization IV considered harmful to productivity

I’ve been playing way too much Civilization IV Beyond the Sword lately rather than coding. The really awful thing is that I don’t even care about any particular game. If I don’t like something that happens I just quit the game and start a new one. My favorite part of the game is the map […]