A Study in Henges

Here are several images I’ve done around a central henge image. Or possibly around a central priestess image. With one exception, the henge is the same graphic. I’ve used two priestess images, as seemed appropriate to me.

Click on any thumbnail image to see the full-size version.

34K bytes

Drawing down the moon
I used to use this as my desktop background image. This was one of my early compositions in trueSpace. I used Poser to create the woman, then imported her into trueSpace and added a bunch of black elipsoids for her hair. I generated the background using Photoshop’s cloud rendering and then used the planar tiling from Kai’s Power Tools, plus some miscellaneous other effects.

25K bytes

Another drawing down
I used Bryce for this one. I pasted the moon from the trueSpace version (lazy) and drew the woman’s hair in Photoshop. I think it was easier than creating and placing the elipsoids in trueSpace.

30K bytes

Yet another drawing down
I used Bryce for this one, too. I saved the Henge and the woman from the trueSpace version and imported them into Bryce.

63K bytes

Welcoming the Sun
This is a daytime image. (Finally!) I’ve used a somewhat different priestess figure from the previous images, and a different viewpoint.

49K bytes

Welcoming the Golden Sun
Finally, an image not dominated by blue! The Priestess is a PoserĀ 2 figure with ellipsoids for hair. The only problem I have with these images is that the henge stones look machined. Their edges are too sharp, too precise. The stones should be rougher.

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