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  1. Yavaphun says:

    Is this the young republicans sign up page?


  2. codepress says:

    hi, i’m waiting for sea Glass look and feel.thanks :)

  3. Clare Midgley says:

    Hi Kathryn! I looked for you on Facebook and found your site. I miss seeing you. Do you still have kitties? Several of our grandchildren are very allergic so we had to find new homes for ALL our pets a few years ago. It was quite an adjustment after 40 years of pet fun.

    We’re in Raymore now, and our 6 grands are close by.

    Hugs, Clare

    • Yes, I still have kitties, but they’re different kitties. Nutmeg became diabetic and passed away after three years of me injecting him. Jasmine pined and passed away a few months later.

      I have two new black short hairs, a lot like their predecessors. They’re named Basil and Coriander, or Baz and Corrie for short.

      I’m sorry to hear about your pets leaving, but there are priorities.

      My gf’s parents live in Belton, so I’m down that way now and then. What are you and Harry doing these days?

  4. Hi, Katheryn! Looked for you and Linda on Facebook and found your website. Hope you are well. ~sherrie

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