Against iPhone Framework

I’ve gotten past my general disgust at the look of the Objective-C language. After all, I programmed a lot of Perl over the years.

But no garbage collection on the iPhone? This is 2010! You’ve got to be kidding me!

“Hiya developers, hiya, hiya, hiya. We’ve got this device with seriously limited memory, so we’re going to force you to manually manage the memory on it. If you mess up, your app will bog the device down and probably eventually cause it to restart. Ya got a problem with that?”

Well, yes, now that you ask, I do.

I am not of the opinion that any computer language is perfect, or that any framework is perfect. But Java, in my opinion, comes close. I’m not endorsing any particular framework, and the standard Java API has its issues, but it threads a nice balance between usefulness and simplicity.


  1. Vik89 says:

    You don’t need to be a genius to know that Java is better than Objective-C…
    Come on, Objective-C is like 80′s programming language… I don’t know how it can be used in 2010 by so many devs… the power of marketing… :O

  2. Vik89 says:

    Still it doesn’t have abstract classes, static fields, private methods, generics, and things like these, I suppose..

  3. No generics, private methods, or abstract classes. Objective-C is C, so static fields are easy, if ugly.

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