DTerm is a great app for the Mac

I’ve been using git for awhile now and I also use Eclipse as my IDE. Eclipse doesn’t yet have good support for git, though they’re working on it. So I do a lot of command line git commands.

I found the DTerm app and it’s great! Basically, you just press Cmd-Shift-Enter and a command line window pops up with the directory set to the directory of whatever window was on top. So if you’re editing a file in Eclipse, the DTerm window comes up in the directory containing that file. You can do your git command and get the results, then just press Escape and the window goes away. It remembers the last several commands and their results.

Pretty clever!


  1. Oh, this is a Mac app. There are probably similar things for Windows and Linux.

  2. It also turns out that although it works for XCode, it does not work with Eclipse because Eclipse is a cross-platform application using SWT for the UI and SWT has no concept of a document, so the current directory cannot be set.

    The Eclipse people suggested that I could write a plugin to handle this, so I did. It’s at http://khuxtable.github.com/eclipse-cocoa-set-represented-filename, if anyone cares.

  3. Chris Beck says:

    Thanks for doing this. I installed this into Aptana Studio 3 (an Eclipse plugin) using Help | Install New Software… and it seemed to install fine. But DTerm doesn’t recognized the current file. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

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