Worst song in the world

I have a friend who believes that “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is the worst song in the world. I don’t agree. It’s just boring, sort of like anything by Air Supply or Bread. (If I never hear “Diary” again it’ll be too soon.)

Denise thinks that maybe “Escape” (the PiƱa Colada Song) is the worst song ever.

I think maybe it’s “Having My Baby”.

Ideas? Suggestions? Criticism?


  1. Linda J says:

    Absolutely no doubt in my mind: that dirgelike “Happy Birthday” song.

  2. Brian B says:

    Dave Barry did a survey on this topic years ago. IIRC the “winner” was Macarthur Park (“Oh Jesus, the cake!”). Runner-up was Wildfire, which I truly detest. I’m pretty sure Having My Baby made the top 5.

    But the only song I’ll cross the street to avoid having to hear is The Greatest Love of All.

  3. I think “Having My Baby” is a pretty good example of a really awful song, but “Run, Joey, Run,” tops it IMO.

  4. Deanne thinks that the worst song in the world is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, but I don’t mind it.

  5. Linda J says:

    Actually, the Peanuts song is pretty good. The one my family sings these days is “Cut the Cake” by John McCutcheon, another upbeat song.

    The dirgelike “Happy Birthday” song is the one we all learned as preschoolers. I always imagine it sung by Eeyore … “Happy Bi-i-i-irthday, dear Pooh Bear, happy birthday to you-u-u-u …”

  6. Chris Stephenson says:

    The worst song in the world has to be “You Light Up My Life” but I agree that “Havingy Baby” is majorly cringeworthy.

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