Sea Glass now on Maven Central repository

We released version a few days ago. This has very few changes from the 0.1.6 release, the main one being that we are signing the jars and putting them on the Maven Central repository at, in particular:

Future releases will be released to Central, and snapshots will be released to

Since we still don’t have full functionality, we may eventually get rid of our pre- versions on our makeshift repository, though the source will still be available for checkout.


  1. Paulo Canedo says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    First of all, I’m loving the SeaGlassLookAndFeel, Congratulations!

    I have an doubt, it is possible to use the client property JTextField.variant with value search in non-mac OS?

    About the window controls decoration, I believe if we have another option through client property with a visual different of the windows 7 would be better (like OSX, maybe, LOL)

    • Thanks for your kind words!

      Yes, we support the JTextField.variant client property directly in Sea Glass, so you can use it on Windows or Linux.

      As far as Windows frame looks goes, we’ve discussed that to death in the Google group. I held out for looking like OS X for awhile, but the clear weight of opinion was against me. But yes, it could be an option managed via a client property…

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