Sea Glass look and feel Google group created

We now have a Google Group called for discussing the look and feel. We’ll still make announcements on our blogs, but I think discussion will be easier in a group/mailing list format.


  1. Yavaphun says:

    I come to this site with an open mind. To explore and to learn to marvel and the lore and mystery here. Yet upon the home page I can feel antipathy and low level rage at my browser Opera. Still a person of peace and principal taking this in stride I continue to explore only to crash several times. Switching out to something more friendlily IE I enter again. I think now there are no problems that I have accepted your requirements to browse.

    Wow you have left the Dominion of KU I m kind of shocked by that. Hope all is good “going rogue” and striking out on your own. Hey speaking of rogue, that I have just read this wonderful book it really changed my life however anyway that is another subject close and dear to me but way off subject here. Hold on one sec this ditto pod cast is distracting me from this post (so glad he is leading now errrr one sec). Ahhh better now, now I can focus much better here. So now where was I? Oh that is right you are flying solo now. How is that going?

    Nice blog I have started to do the same thing. See you have the worlds of politics and software kid of a strange brew but if you like it Amen then.

    Hope you still hold the same humor. My humor became dark and cynical when I worked for an abomination called “Sprint”. Whose life goal was to defile and consume contractors with maximum prejudice. Really I have seen pimps treat their whores better than most contracting companies could ever think about. Then I decided I need a break and went to work for a travel agency still as a network geek but new venue and business. I travel and life started looking good to me as the storm clouds abated. Only recently have the clouds return but only giving me their evil eye these last 11 months. I spent quite a long time in Iceland and Germany as of late. Only to further pervert my cynical thoughts and English.

    Anyway you are bookmarked. I always enjoy reading someone I know.

    Peace Yavaphun

    • Heh. I use Safari to browse both on Mac and Windows. I’ll take a look at Opera and see if I can fix any problems with it. This should be fairly vanilla HTML with some small Javascript to handle expansion of pages, which you’d only see on the Categories or Archives links. But I’ll check. It’s not my goal to exclude people.

      I left KU because they reorganized IT and I didn’t get along with the new management. I had outside income, and was able to simply quit. I’m still angry about it, though. I gave them the best years of my life and they spat on it.

      I have nothing good to say about Sprint. I finally told one of their callers trying to get me to switch that I wouldn’t use Sprint if they were the only wireless and landline carrier around. And Linda had a bad experience working there, too. (She’s doing fine by the way. I see here occasionally.)

      Your politics and mine are at very different ends of the political spectrum, but we’ve always gotten along. I like that.

      I’m pretty angry these days, but it’s about politics, mostly.

  2. Yavaphun says:

    Gahhhhh need a edit button on posts

    ( go to livejornal easier and free plus they have that edit button )

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