Sea Glass Laffy example (Linux)

Here’s a screen shot of Laffy running the Sea Glass L&F against my Ubuntu Linux desktop.

We may move to a more monochrome titlebar button scheme in the future, but right now we’re using a variation of Nimbus’s buttons.

Click the image to see it larger.



  1. Peter says:

    Two questions:
    will the look and feel be open source?
    which size will the jar have?

    • We’re currently developing under LGPL, though we don’t yet have anything we’re comfortable releasing. Give us a couple more weeks and we should have a decent demo.

      I have *no idea* what the size will be. At the moment, we’re using images to speed up development. I expect that we’ll be drawing with Graphics2D eventually, which should shrink the jar size. My current development jar is 311KB, but we don’t have all the images yet. We have scrollbars, the various buttons, and combo boxes. We don’t have spinners, sliders, or anything else done yet.

  2. paulo says:

    If you can scale fonts like substance it would be great. I think that substance offloaded those kinds of look and feel common functionality into a library, but i don’t know if it depends on you extending basic.

    • We have a library for drawing fonts, so I expect we can scale fonts.

      I haven’t looked that much at Substance because it hurts my eyes, but what does it do to scale fonts? Hopefully it doesn’t scale them when you resize a window. I don’t favor that.

      But if you want zoomability for accessibility, I’m in favor.

      • The drawing routines honor the current desktop configuration, including font and DPI settings

          • That’s why I suggested to take a close look at Substance. The visual appearance is not great, but under the covers, the implementation has a lot to offer. The developer surely does an amazing job.

          • Well, I took a brief look and wasn’t happy with it. Skinning is all fine and well, but it’s not sufficient for our purposes.

            I’ll take another look, but really…

          • No, no, don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to take a fresh start and I wholeheartedly applaud your efforts and looking forward to play with Sea Glass.

            It’s simply that I believe that Substance has grown to an impressive L&F implementation over the years, and any new effort should look closely at it and maybe gain some inspiration. Resolution independence is one nice feature that might not be crucial today, but mandatory in the future and therefore a valid concern during the planning stage.

            Maybe it could be beneficial to outline your goals and stir some discussion what should go into Sea Glass. Ultimately, it’s your decision and I hope you find my rants not too annoying ;)

          • Okay, I see what you mean. I’ll take that look.

            I’m positive that we won’t be sticking with images, because they don’t scale all that well unless designed rather large.

  3. Jus says:

    I just wonder when this will be released? Looks really nice

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