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XCode still sucks

Nope. I was right the first time. XCode sucks.

Getting back to work on Sea Glass

I’ve been taking a break for the past month or so, playing with mobile device development. I’ll get back to that, but it’s time to get back to work on Sea Glass.

Databases – persistence layer or primary entity?

So a couple of weeks ago I was in San Francisco talking with Ken Orr and my old high school/college friend Stan Switzer and Stan was holding forth on an idea that I think is pretty self-evidently true. This is that when considering software systems, the database is the primary entity, and any applications, interfaces, […]

XCode sucks

Okay, I don’t really have enough experience with it to make that judgment, but I doubt further familiarity will change my opinion.

I’ll be including politics on the main page

I don’t think anyone cares, and I don’t think very many people are reading this blog, so I’m going to start including politics on the main page. This simplifies my hacks to WordPress.

Developing for the iPhone

Man, Android is a lot easier to develop for than the iPhone. Admittedly, part of this is my detestation for Objective C, but part of it is that the Android framework is very simple. I’m having a really hard time forcing myself to even look at Objective C, let alone write it.

Mobile platform comments

I’ve recently downloaded the Palm WebOS SDK, the iPhone SDK, and the Android SDK and have been playing with developing for them. I doubt I’ll ever do anything serious, so it’s not a critical issue for purchasing a tablet. Having written some play apps for all three I have the following observations, which are entirely […]

Trying to find an internet tablet

So I currently have a 17″ MacBook Pro, a Kindle 2, and an iPhone 3G. (I also have a Linux server and a Windows entertainment system, but that’s not relevant to the discussion.) When I work, I work on the MacBook, because it’s an excellent development environment. It’s not especially portable, though, because it’s big […]

More maven plugins (and site skins)

I’ve created a couple of site skins, one that looks like this blog for my use, and one that’s much simpler and blue for use with Sea Glass documentation. I’ve also created a successor to my HTML Filter Site plugin called docbkx-wrapper-plugin that wraps the Docbkx plugin so that you only need the one plugin. […]

My first Maven plugins

I suppose you never forget your first Maven plugin. I’ve created two, and they’re both sync’d to Maven Central. The first takes a description of Java Swing controls with configurations and creates image files of them for use in documentation. The second allows the output of the docbkx plugin, which is the most full-featured of […]