Monterey Seafood Watch

I’ve talked about this before, but not here. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a well respected Seafood Watch program, giving advice on what seafood is harvested sustainably.

This came to mind because I noticed that Orange Roughy was on the menu at a local seafood place. No one should eat Orange Roughy. There’s no way to harvest it sustainably without it costing hundreds of dollars per pound, which is not what they were charging.


  1. Kris Holmes says:

    I had one of their pocket seafood guides which has since been updated, so need to print me a new one. It’s hard to know in a restaurant where the seafood has come from, though, and it does make a difference.

  2. There’s an iPhone app, for those of us using iPhones. They should produce an Android app as well, but they don’t (yet).

  3. Kris Holmes says:

    I still haven’t gotten into phones that do everything, LOL.

  4. Yeah, they’re not for everyone… I had a Palm Pilot, a phone, and an iPod, and decided that one phone to replace all of these would be a good idea. I think that for me it was.

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