I’d rather fiddle with tools than code

Apparently I like fiddling with tools if they’re the right tools. I’m trying to get good syntax highlighting for Java and XML in DocBook running through Maven.

If I can get Doxia to do it, that’s great. Otherwise I’ll need to move to the DocBkx plugin, which is a lot more capable, but doesn’t integrate as well with the Maven site generated documentation.

Yes, I’ve done some coding and I’ve fixed some bugs, but this is a nice diversion.

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  1. I succeeded in integrating the docbkx plugin with doxia. I did this by copying the doxia site files to a staging area in the target directory, then generating HTML from the DocBook files into an xhtml directory in that staging area, running JTidy on them to convert them to XHTML, and finally running the site plugin on the staging area to generate the site documentation.

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