Joe Lieberman is a waste of protoplasm

Okay, I have pretty much given Joe Lieberman the benefit of the doubt until recently. But now (see TPM) he’s threatening to filibuster a bill that contains the Medicare buy-in.

He’s basically threatening to filibuster positions that he supported before 2006. I think the analysts are right who say he’s angry and bitter. He’s upset about losing the 2006 Democratic nomination.

I’ve been angry and bitter before, but I am not one of 100 senators, charged with helping govern the country. He needs to get over it. Or the Democratic leadership in the Senate needs to get over him. If he can’t support key Democratic bills, then they should kick him out of the caucus.

There’s no value in having 60 seats if you can’t really prevent a filibuster. And don’t get me started on Ben Nelson or Blanche Lincoln. Or, to a lesser degree, Mary Landrieu.

Joe Lieberman is the main enabling jerk in the Senate.

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