Comments on cloud computing

Originally, I typed that title as “clound commuting”. Fingers don’t always do the right thing, even on a Dvorak keyboard.

Ron Burk has an interesting comment on cloud computing.

It pretty much mirrors my thinking on these subjects. Do we really want a vendor to keep our data, or would we rather keep it ourselves?

This is not a new problem, and the answer is, both. I have a copy of my birth certificate in a safe deposit box at a bank. The city in which I was born keeps a copy as well, in both paper form and in computer records.

I don’t think computing changes the situation all that much, except to make it more pervasive.

Update: I should add that I own a Kindle and I always keep copies of everything I purchase on my laptop, which is in turn backed up to an external drive.

Update 2: I should also add that I’ve know Ron Burk for almost 30 years. We were in college together.

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