My history in computing

I learned to program in the 1970s. My first languages were FORTRAN, BASIC, Lisp, and GMAP (Honeywell assembler). I later learned RATFOR, B, C, and Pascal.

I have been programming professionally since 1984. In the beginning I was programming in B on a Honeywell GCOS mainframe, writing small applications.

Between 1987 and 1996 I worked in C and C++ on both VAX/VMS and later on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, writing print symbionts, systems applications, and client/server software to access tapes mounted on an IBM VM/CMS system.

Since 1996 I have programmed largely on Tru64 Unix, Solaris, RedHat Linux, and Mac OS X in various languages; Perl and Java for the most part. I have been working in the fields of provisioning, middleware, and identity management doing web development, database integration, web single sign-on, account, groups, and privilege provisioning.

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